About Me

I have decades of experience in printing, digital press, direct mail marketing, and both print and on-line graphics. Managing a print shop before becoming a graphic designer gave me the opportunity to branch off into an entirely different career. I worked in the pre-press department trouble shooting files, that’s when I realized I could eliminate a lot of problems by learning the design software myself. I could cut out the middle man! As the manager of the print shop, the client would relay what they wanted, I in turn passed it along to a graphic design agency, from there it would go back and forth until the client was satisfied.

BarbieI mastered the different softwares and platforms (MAC or PC), eliminating the need to outsource it to a third party and created the files correctly to expedite the entire production process for our shop and the client.

I will be happy to provide you with an estimate prior to starting any project. Whether it’s a simple business card layout to a more detailed presentation, I’m sure you will be happy with the quality of the services you will receive from BarisGraphics.